Adult Autism Diagnosis

To check the eligibility of an individual for the service or for further information about the service you can speak directly to a member of the team, call 01793  463333 option 1 and ask for the adult autism diagnostic service.

Here is an outline of the service offered:

Our service provides assessment and diagnosis for adults who suspect they may have an autism spectrum condition (ASC), including Asperger Syndrome. We are a team of highly experienced and qualified clinicians who work together to support people through the diagnostic process. The team includes speech and language therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses and social workers.

Working in accordance with the Adult Autism Diagnostic Assessment NICE guidelines and alongside the Local and National Autistic Society (NAS), we are also actively involved in research projects which aim to contribute to developments and improvement in the adult autism diagnostic process.

We provide an in-depth assessment to provide a diagnosis of autism spectrum condition. For those who receive a diagnosis, we aim to facilitate understanding for each individual about their social, communication and behavioural differences and a solution focussed post-diagnostic follow up session takes place which is centred on the individual’s current needs as well as consideration of potential future needs.

We produce a comprehensive diagnostic report, diagnostic feedback in a supportive environment with the provision of information and signposting towards relevant support agencies.

We focus on identifying services and support in the individual’s local community that may be beneficial to them and support those services to better understand the needs of the individual. We work alongside local support services, wherever we can, to improve the experience of working across services when required to do so.