About Us

ewSEQOL Supported Employment helps disabled people to secure jobs by working with visionary employers who want a diverse workforce.

SEQOL is passionate about people and helping them make the most of their lives. That means not only caring for people when they need health or social care support but also helping them in all aspects of their life, including developing and growing as individuals, and finding employment.

Unfortunately, for many disabled people there are real barriers that prevent them from gaining employment. When they are successful in finding work, the benefits can be significant, not only for them as individuals, but also for employers and other employees.

Many employers and businesses have found that people who have used SEQOL services make exceptional employees and are extremely loyal, hardworking and ideally suited to many employment opportunities.mcdonalds

There are no agency fees and the supported employment team have a wealth of experience to offer disabled job seekers AND employers.

SEQOL can work with people who have learning disabilities, health condition or disabilities, and helping them to:

  • Move from unemployment to employment
  • Gain training and skill development under one roof


Do you want some help to find a job?

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